Time 1000mg CBD Oil

Our Time oil has been specifically formulated to aid the symptoms of menopause and relieve menstrual conditions such as migraines, cramps and PMS.

Time contains the key ingredients of Dong quai and Red clover.

Dong quai is a herbal plant and the root is used for it’s medicinal properties. Taken orally it can ease menopausal symptoms and menstrual conditions including migraines, menstrual cramps and PMS.

The flower of the red clover are a great relief to menopausal symptoms, weak and brittle bones, high levels of cholesterol and many other conditions.

Ingredients: 10% Isolate CBD oil, Dong quai extract, Red clove extract, Limonene & Terpene blend

Each bottle of this natural CBD Oil contains 10mg of isolate CBD.

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