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Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Amicucci and I would like to thank you for visiting Curativa.

I am a fully qualified reflexologist and energy healer. I have practiced reflexology for over ten years now, however recently I’ve had the urge to add the tool of energy healing! I felt I needed something extra to assist my work as I understand the importance of the body’s energy flow and chakra balancing.

To me, it is very important to work with the mind, body and soul. It simply has to be all three.


The areas of concern that I mainly deal with are stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression which is why I added CBD oil and energy healing to my portfolio.

I believe stress is one of the reasons we can end up with physical and mental ailments and in my reflexology and healing work, my first priority is always to focus on both the destressing and detoxing of the body and it was with this in mind that CBD became an amazing tool in my treatments.

This oil has so many medicinal benefits taken orally or topically. After experiencing the benefits of using CBD oil myself, I decided to offer this to clients with whom I have subsequently seen amazing results.

Whilst on my own healing journey, I decided to introduce a new dose of CBD oil on a daily basis. I knew that the CBD alongside my healthy lifestyle and positive mind set would have great results. CBD helped me in many ways especially with lessening the internal turmoil which in itself aids health.


CBD oil terpenes

In 2018 I was lucky enough to attend the Houses of Parliament the day CBD was legalised in the UK and from there I met some very influential people that guided me on my path of using the best CBD.  I have also had the privilege to work alongside families and clients during palliative care during which time I have seen the benefits of CBD.

I decided to have my own brand of CBD oil to reflect my own values, which meant that not only did it need to be totally ethical and legal but one that also met my exacting standards in respect of quality and of being made from the highest quality ingredients which harness the power not only of the cannabis plant but also uses herbs and terpenes.

These herbs and terpenes with known benefits only serve to increase the effectiveness of the oil. My CBD oils are specially selected and are manufactured by Europe’s only BRCGS certified manufacturer and really do represent the highest quality available on the market today.

I do hope that CBD plays a part in you achieving a healthy balance for your mind, body and soul.

Please visit our Products page to begin your CBD journey.

Many thanks,

Jane Amicucci

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