SAD , seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is usually affected by the weather especially in the colder months.

Many people feel very low in the autumnal and winter months and their low mood or depression can effect their everyday being. Although symptoms seem stronger in the winter months you can actually also be effected in the summer if there isn’t much sunlight due to the weather conditions.

SAD can bring about a number of symptoms …

Feeling depressed nearly every day, feeling depleted, no energy, feeling worthless, appetite and weight fluctuations, poor sleep, lack of concentration and motivation. Some people experience a multitude of symptoms and here’s why.

It is thought that shorter days, or lack of day light, sun light may trigger a chemical and hormonal change in the brain. In people with SAD a lack of sunlight and a problem with certain brain chemicals the hypothalamus doesn’t function efficiently and the lack of light is thought to effect the production of the hormone melatonin and the hormone serotonin. The circadian rhythms ( internal clock ) can be knocked a bit as your body uses light sources such as sun to time various important bodily processes like sleep, mood, appetite, digestion and energy.

Some people with SAD experience this low mood, depression at the same time more or less every year and can actually feel better once the warmer longer months arrive. Obviously the day light, sun light is the strongest medicine for this disorder but there are a number of things you can do to help you try to combat this.

So Sun light we know is the magic here as it’s amazing for boosting our immune system, elevating our mood, improving sleep, promoting relaxation and so fourth but I truly believe even if it’s just 20, 30 minutes a day of sitting or walking in the day light taking in all the beauty. Listening to music, dancing, shaking the body or exercising if possible. Walk bare foot. Resting, going to bed at the same time daily, Vitamin D, salt baths, cold showers, being with high vibe people and opening up all these will definitely help and some people use light therapy which is meant to be very helpful.

CBD is excellent when experiencing low mood, stress, anxiety, insomnia so it is excellent to add to your list of things that could help relieve some symptoms of SAD. It will definitely bring an internal calm helping you to cope with an array of the symptoms of this seasonal disorder. Making you feel balanced as CBD is a homeostatic regulator.

I’m sure there are some great remedies out there that you could also add to your diet as diet is very important because it really can effect our mind as well as body.

I hope this helps.


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SAD , seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is usually affected by the weather especially in the colder months. Many people feel

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