The fear of flying and CBD.

I myself have since a young adult had a fear of flying. We all love the experience of a holiday or travelling but the thought of getting on the plane is so very overwhelming that it can be off putting or even frightening. You almost don’t want to go and once at your destination spend the last few days dreading the journey home.

From my own experience and talking to many people the measures we take to get on the plane or even into the airport are not great for us at all.

Alcohol, sedatives, strong painkillers, the list goes on and some people a cocktail of all three. This really can be very dangerous to your body, add to the anxiety and can be highly addictive. To travel with such a cocktail on a flight could possibly be a recipe for disaster.

When we arrive at our destination we also need to feel alert and in control to deal with passport control, collect our luggage, and all the other additional things we need to do before leaving the airport.

Often travelling to our destination can be very exciting and breathtakingly beautiful so being intoxicated can definitely ruin a wonderful part of our journey. Enjoying the moment is so important.

This is where the CBD comes in as CBD works it’s way into our nervous system through the endocannabinoid system making us feel relaxed, and calm. CBD will make you feel less anxious and may alter serotonin levels. Low serotonin can cause anxiety. CBD is natural, legal, plant based and will not alter your state of being negatively.

If you are a regular CBD user and take CBD daily then a few days before you fly add an additional dose and then on the day of your flight listen to your body and increase your dose if necessary, same with coming home. If you don’t use CBD regularly take your CBD a week before you are due to fly daily and then increase your dose on the day of your flight. Listening to how you feel inside is important as you will feel it if you need to increase your dose. For the journey home the same.

It’s important that if you are not a regular CBD user that you give the CBD time to get into your system before you add that extra dose before travelling.

CBD, 100% made such a difference to my recent flight experience and I hope that you can feel the same benefits that I felt from increasing my CBD for travelling.


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The fear of flying and CBD.

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