Sleep Deprivation.

So many of us do not really understand how important sleep is for us and good sleep. I think many mums out there know that once you’ve had children it’s quite hard to ever really sleep well again, it’s like we are programmed to be alert. I know myself I don’t sleep some nights as well as I should and understand this is detrimental short term and long term. Although I can manage a little half hour lay down or meditation sometimes here and there in the day or week although it’s amazing for you it’s not the same as sleeping well and for a decent amount of time.

It’s not dramatic for me to say even if your eating well, exercising, practising wellness, if you do not get your 7 hours sleep it could be undermining your efforts. Sleep is crucial for our health.

Sleep needs to be a priority we all know how much better we feel on a good nights sleep. About 7 hours doctors say is a good amount and shorting your self of sleep will have a negative impact on your health short term and long term.

Short term problems can include, Needing to sleep in the day, danger when using machinery or driving, loss of focus, concentration, irritability, short temper adding stress to the home, work, life, impaired memory, basic quality of life can be effected due to being so tired.

Long term problems from chronic sleep deprivation can include, Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, depression and reduced immune system function. It can also effect your sex drive negatively and your appearance due to an increase in stress hormones.

There are ways that can really help you to get a good nights sleep and they really do work for me. Of course firstly we must remember how amazing CBD is at making us feel relaxed so do not forget maybe an evening dose then a night time dose. Avoid stimulating drinks and food late in the day. Junk food, fake foods, sugars just don’t help any situation steer clear. Make sleep a priority like a medicine, try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time everyday for two weeks to get your body into a routine, if you wake in the night do not look at your phone or clock this will only stimulate you. If you do wake practice a few deep breaths it’s very good for relaxing you down. I find playing sea sounds, storm sounds, healing vibrations or such like very helpful and they dull out external noise. Obviously no screens in bed and make sure you are really comfy with a good temperature in the room. There are certain foods and herbal teas that are also amazing for relaxing you down, and of course not going to bed hungry or dehydrated. Avoid alcohol it is a stimulant, dehydrates you and can cause unwanted feelings of anxiety.

Try to make sleep a priority. We today put it so far down on the list of things that are important but it so is. It can really have an impact on our lives negatively if we don’t try to get enough sleep. It’s free, natural, healing and it’s all about nurturing ourselves. Self love.


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