CBD for Stress and Anxiety.

Stress and anxiety is on the rise effecting more than 10 million adults in the UK and more and more teenagers and young people. Mental health is a big problem and one in three teens will suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder by the time they reach 18.

Anxiety and stress can really effect normal life. Missing school, work, meetings, schedules, even socialising , as it can be so deliberating. It really can have such a negative impact on everyday life.

There are many symptoms both mental and physical that go with feeling anxious or stressed.

Help is out there and I truly believe one thing may help some people and some people may need more help. What suits some people may not suit others. We are all made up so differently and our stress or anxiety is all felt so differently. We can take pharmaceuticals, get therapy, join self help groups, and so on or try a more holistic approach. Reflexology, mediation, breath work are amazing tools to help you feel calmer internally and there are many plant based medicines that have amazing healing benefits CBD being one of them and top of the pyramid due to its calming effects.

Feeling overwhelmed, fearful, full of dread, restlessness, irritable, difficulty in concentrating or thinking straight are just a few phycological symptoms and you can also feel physical symptoms like trembling, shaking, palpitations, dry mouth, insomnia, headaches, stomachaches, tiredness, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath to name a few.

CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system by binding to the CBD 1 and the CBD 2 receptors. These are found in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system linked to the uptake of serotonin and mood. Meaning CBD can be very beneficial to people suffering with low serotonin as this will effect mood, feeling depressed, and anxious when low.

CBD does not contain THC so there is no psychoactive effects only calming.

A high percentage of people using CBD for stress and anxiety in the UK have benefited as studies have shown but we must remember not one dose fits all and we must use our CBD by listening to our body and finding our own sweet spot. You will feel if you need more or less. It can be subtle but it will be doing it’s job.

CBD is totally natural and plant based. It also should be third party lab tested to ensure it’s quality. There are amazing brands out there so always do your research before buying especially when wanting to heal.

My own personal story and brand of CBD came from me feeling an internal calm that I hadn’t felt for years. I believe it really saved me and I take CBD daily because of this.

I really hope it can help you too. X


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CBD for Stress and Anxiety.

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