40% distillate CBD.

We decided to go for a super strength CBD oil to keep up to date with the market and an oil with extra medicinal properties and strength.

CBD distillate at this strength of 40% is one of the strongest oils you can get legally in the UK at the moment so we are very excited to present it to you and add to our range.

Distillate CBD contains 50% to 70% of the entire Hemp plant, leaving room for remaining fats, terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins and other cannabinoids. Meaning it’s a natural balance of the chemicals of the hemp plant it’s self.

Distillate CBD containing more plant based compounds makes it a beneficial oil as scientists believe that one part of the plant isolated can’t be as medicinal as many parts of the Hemp plant together. It is considered one of the purest, cleanest extracts on the market, second in purity to CBD isolate.

CBD distillate will not get you high, but CBD Distillate is a therapeutic mind altering compound that has significant benefits mentally as well as physically. De stressing the body, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, nausea, seizure disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia to name a few. You will tap into your own therapeutic benefits.

The Endocannabinoid system ( ECS ) is in each and everyone of us and a system only recently found, which is crazy really as the ECS is critical for almost all of our day to day functioning. The ECS regulates and controls memory, learning, sleep, emotional processing, temperature, pain control, inflammation, eating and immune response. An incredibly important system that responds well to CBD.

Terms like Isolate, Distillate, Broad spectrum and Full spectrum can become very confusing and over whelming when looking into CBD so it’s important for me to break it down simply.

CBD effects everyone differently and the rule of the stronger the better doesn’t necessarily apply. We are all so unique and some people really benefit from lower doses and or CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate has a lighter taste and smell and is best used with a carrier oil rather than in crystal form. MCT oil is a popular carrier oil which is what we use here at Curativa CBD.

Distillate CBD is what you have left after the extraction process is done. And all harmful ingredients are removed. All THC is removed, but it will however contain CBD and all the other parts of the plant. CBD isolate is made from CBD Distillate. As mentioned before CBD in its purest form.

When choosing your oil always start on a low dose and build it up slowly and regularly. Some of you will feel the oil instantly whilst others it may take longer. Remember there is not set dose or oil as we are all so unique. We must choose an oil and work out our own dose by listening to our body and finding your own desired effect, sweet spot.

I really hope this product is beneficial.

Personally I normally use 10% isolate daily so from jumping up to the 40% Distillate I could feel this oil instantly in my body so I know for those of you needing a bit more it will definitely support you.


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