New product. 20% isolate spray/oil.

At Curativa we will always try to stay up to date with what’s in trend and what’s important to our customers.

Back in August a customer messaged me telling me how much she herself loved the 10% Isolate CBD but it wasn’t quite enough for her partner as he suffers terrible pain. Although she had tried upping his dose it just wasn’t hitting the spot. He is a big, tall, guy as it is so would most probably need more than his partner.

This made me start thinking as the 10% isolate was good for me too but just because it’s good for me doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone and we are all so different and taking CBD for totally different reasons with a different make up, mindset and tolerance. Not one of us are the same and no dose will ever fit all. So I needed to find something I loved and in the hope you all do. It’s so important to me as I’m so passionate about CBD and natural products to try to help everyone to feel better in a positive way.

We decided to go for a 20% Isolate CBD first like a next stage up. I actually really like this strength it seems to really suit me. So we decided to bring out a 20% CBD isolate in a spray top. This is so easy to administer, and sprays perfectly under the tongue which is the most efficient way of taking CBD. We have two flavours, one Wild Berries and one Mint. Both flavours are delicious and easy to swallow as I know some people don’t like the flavour of CBD alone.

The CBD is high quality Isolate, 20% CBD, Terpene blend, With MCT oil as it’s carrier oil.

We really hope you like this new product as much as we do here at Curativa. We will always search for new products and will always try to get what’s popular and helpful so please ask us if there is anything you would like for us to look into getting for you.

Jane x


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