The science of meditation.

Meditation is a practice that I personally love. I sometimes meditate for five to ten minutes depending on how I am feeling or the time I have and other times I’m wrapped up meditation for an hour or more. I love to meditate at home and really set up my space and time so I can really relax but I also like to be in nature as I understand the benefits not only of grounding but to just switch off and listen to the sounds of nature is very healing.

I feel there is no right or wrong way to meditate and I feel it’s always a positive practise. Personally I incorporate breathing methods to relax me down and I enjoy healing frequencies as I am very responsive to them. I love vibrational sounds and I really feel them going through my body but some people prefer a guided meditation or silence. My favourite guided meditations are with Dr Joe Dispenza as to me they are very powerful and I manage to stay focused. ( I have written a short blog post on Dr Joe Dispenza as I think he is an incredible guy.)

Meditation is very healing and I think it’s still not really understood by many. The benefits are amazing and I feel it really makes a difference to me on all three levels. Mind, body, soul.

There are some very interesting facts about the science of meditation that I’d love you to read ( there is a link below )


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