Reflexology also known as zone therapy is my passion as it’s a subtle yet powerful practice that brings the body back into a natural balance and kick starts the body into healing itself. I prefer to practice on peoples feet but you can practice reflexology through the hands and some even use the ears. It’s an ancient art and it’s a massage routine that is performed by adding pressure to certain zones in the feet that correspond to parts of the body through nerve endings. I myself have been a reflexologist for a good 15 years now and absolutely love what I do.

I could talk for hours and hours on this subject and the history is fascinating. Dating from ancient times through to today. Along the way British scientists in the 1890s found that the nervous system really was effected by human touch and that the nerves were connected to skin and organs. Which was an amazing breakthrough as holistic remedies were fading. This ancient art of healing was so very respected in its time and used to heal people and animals throughout history.

The origins of reflexology dates back to the Egyptians around 2500 BC. It’s most probably a lot older and is believed to have been passed down orally long before the first illustrations were found around this date, showing medical practitioners performing this art of healing.

It is believed that Marco Polo translated a Chinese massage book into Italian introducing reflexology and massage to Europe in the 1300s.

Eunice Ingham a physiotherapist In the 1930s developed the foot maps after understanding how sensitive and responsive the feet where to zone therapy. Reflexology is now respected and used all over the world and is given in many hospitals and hospices to ease pain and relax patients. You can also be treated with reflexology in practices and in your own home. Doctors now respect this practice and recommend for wellbeing.

For me the most important part of Reflexology is that like CBD it brings the body back into Homeostasis. ( A state of balance among all the body’s systems needed for the body to survive and function correctly.) When our body’s are not in balance, stress, worry, anxiety, insomnia kicks in and this is a knock on effect to us on a mind, body, soul level. Living long term in a state where we are not balanced internally for too long will bring about uglier situations. Physical pain, illness, mental lows and in some cases disease.

Reflexology calms the whole body down so that it functions at a state that is natural for the body to do so. You begin to feel the gentle shift. The body will release toxins and your mind and body will relax down. You will feel de stressed and will be able to cope a lot better as there is an internal calm. This could possibly take 4 to 6 sessions close by and then perhaps a top up once a month or every 6 weeks to keep the body balanced. One session is still very powerful in relaxing the body down and assisting with sleep and de stressing. It’s a case of getting to know the feet and body of the client and this can take weeks to really understand and help shift the body into a calmer state. Releasing toxins, shifting trapped energy and helping the body to start healing itself.

Reflexology can be used to help with many situations, I will add a list below but for me the most important thing is just getting that body back in to a natural balance first and foremost. This is the key, there is a saying … Health is Homeostasis. You can eat well exercise, etc etc which are all amazing and so very beneficial but we really do need to destress to be well.

Benefits of Reflexology.

Reduces stress.

Lifts mood.

Brings about internal calm.

Brings the body back into its natural balance. Homeostasis.

Improves general wellbeing.

Boosts the immune system.

Boosts fertility.

Improves digestion.

Eases pain.

Fights cancer.

Corrects hormonal imbalances.

Treats nerve problems.

Assisting with sleep issues.

Assists with calming patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The list goes on.

A real clients story.

I had a client that was only in his 30s. His blood pressure was through the roof he was functioning at a very fast pace internally and his pulse rate and breathing levels were high and the doctor was determined to get him on medication to help with this. ( which is fine , sometimes we need the doctor ). I went to see this client and he was so desperate for help that I think me even arriving was so very calming in itself. We all need to feel held. When I arrived the clients monitor was through the roof, in the red. So we did a silent session of reflexology and energy healing and I left my client asleep. The next day my client messaged me to show me the heart rate monitor. He sent me photos and I was so pleased. Through the reflexology I believe, the body was functioning in its normal state, which it hadn’t been doing for a long time. During the sleep it actually went a little lower as he was totally relaxed for the first time in weeks and for the rest of that day, night and next day it stayed at the healthy, normal level which made him feel very very relaxed at last. That was from one session so you see how subtle yet so powerful Reflexology is.

I think when we feel unwell or out of sorts there are many beautiful holistic remedies and practices we can use alone or even along side medications to support us. These old remedies and practices are now on the rise. We survived many many years living off the earth and it’s energy. Wisdom was everywhere. Reflexology is a beautiful practice to experience. Give it a go if you haven’t already, you will 100% love it.


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