Healing benefits of grounding.

I’m a massive believer in energy and being within nature this is one of the reasons I get into the sea most days. When we connect with nature you are not only in the fresh air, and experiencing natural beauty but you really are soaking up positive energy.

Grounding or earthing as some people call it is one of the simplest ways to boost the body’s natural healing and it dates back thousands of years. It’s not a new fad it’s been part of many cultures for a very long time.

From living in high rise buildings and wearing synthetic shoes we have become very much disconnected with the earth. There is a lot of research that has been done showing that when we not charging our bodies with bio electricity we can start to have physical and physiological problems and ageing can be accelerated. Grounding can be a very simple thing you only need 10/15 mins per day walking bare foot in grass, sand, concrete, or mud. There are also grounding mats available on line or in shops if it’s difficult for you to reach the outside so easily.

The benefits of grounding are many. I myself personally when I walk bare foot in the sea or grass feel very energised, very lifted, positive, happy, calm connected yet energised but there are also physical benefits. Below I shall list a few benefits…

Reduces inflammation. Improves sleep. Decreases stress. Decreases pain. Improves cortisol rhythms. Balances heart rate. Improves blood flow. Helps with wound healing.

Basically when we allow our skin to contact the earth it allows electrons to not only connect with our skin but also into our body. Grounding can be sea swimming, laying in the grass, laying in the beach, sitting against a tree. Anything where our body is really connected to earth. Like reflexology ( one of my loves ) when we think bare foot we contact thousands of nerve endings in our feet. This will not only stimulate many systems in the body but will relax us, bring us back into balance, calm the nervous system, improve circulation, get the body and mind running as it should and improve sleep.

Even when sitting in someone’s garden or out side anywhere just slip your shoes off and connect with the earth wherever and whenever you can. Even if the effects are subtle the electrons are still doing there job. Try it, see if you feel anything you might like it. I think you will.


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