Anxiety and CBD.

Anxiety is on the rise and it’s a horrible thing to live with. Anxiety not only makes us feel unwell and drained mentally but it can come with physical symptoms.

With anxiety you can either develop physical ailments or just imagine you have them which only adds to the stress you are under. Anxiety seems to keep you in a state of worry and panic which only increases if we don’t seek help. It really is very difficult to live with and at times stops you enjoying the things you love to do. There can also be lasting physical effects from extreme, persistent anxiety.

Understanding how stress can effect your body will help you make the right choices for your treatment and how you can get help medically or holistically or both.

Anxiety is not to be ignored or brushed under the carpet, it needs to be spoken about and you must not think you are being a nuisance by telling others how you feel. We all feel so good at times it’s difficult for us to be empathetic but there is always someone that can listen. A family member, friend, or therapist. There is a lot of support out there.

Physical ailments that can be felt whilst experiencing anxiety are things like …

Headaches, nausea, frequent urination, unexplained pain, insomnia, fatigue, the increase of menopausal symptoms, impaired immune system, weakness, digestive issues, decreased libido, chest pain, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, the list goes on so not only is everything too much mentally at times it is a knock on effect.

CBD is a natural plant based product that has shown to help with stress and anxiety. I have had many clients, customers and friends that have really benefited from taking regular doses of CBD. CBD as we know is a homeostatic regulator, which basically means it gently brings our body back into its natural balance. It calms us and lessons our inner turmoil. There are no psychological effects from CBD and as I said before it’s 100% natural and a plant.

I know when we feel anxious or stressed it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s there we just have to try to find the strength to head in the right direction. There are things out there to help us and on my own personal journey I believe CBD really helped me and still does.


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