The impact from pets.

Many of us instantly feel the benefits of having a dog or cat as a pet but it is a lot deeper than that.

Owning a dog or cat is not only healing on a physical level but they enhance your wellbeing on every level. It’s a known fact that pets bring a very therapeutic effect into the home.

I have had pets all my life but in the last eight years I have had a pet less home due to work loads etc. I just felt I didn’t have the time to care for a little pet.

In October last year my son surprised me with the gift of a beautiful little kitten and wow I fell in love instantly. Not only was she adorable but her energy was so beautiful I just fell for her. I’d totally forgotten what it was like to have the energy of a pet in your home.

To focus your love and attention on something so innocent and only get love in return is unbelievable. She became very important to me very quickly and I found her not only to be very sweet and funny but on a mental and spiritual level very healing. I could feel her energy when close by or afar and she seemed to connect with me and my son very deeply.

Dogs are amazing as physically they enhance your life. They bring a routine and a focus and daily walks benefit you on a mind level but they are obviously amazing for the cardiovascular system. Even if you have a low mood you have to get up and focus on getting out in the fresh air which will only lift your spirits. Walking your dog is also amazing in reducing anxiety, depression and calms your nervous system. A dog is a wonderful companion and can really reduce loneliness bringing you a sense of companionship.

Pets help you to connect with other humans, other dog walkers, passers by, the vet, pet shop workers etc etc. They open up your world and enhance it with other people and pets which is amazing for mental health.

Sensory stress relief from touch and movement can quickly manage stress. Stroking, cuddling, holding your pet or even sleeping next to your pet can quickly lower blood pressure and can quickly make you feel calmer and less stressed. We all need to be touched it’s an exchange of energy that is very important.

Pets give you real companionship. They help you meet new people, they reduce anxiety, they give you a routine and purpose, they make you feel loved, they reduce anxiety and depression, they enhance your mood and totally fill your home with a loving energy. They push you to physically get out and about in any weather and fill your heart up to the brim.

For me I now would find it very hard to have a pet free home, in fact I’m finding it hard to not add another addition. It’s the best move I made recently to bring my little kitten into my life as all the above I have definitely felt. No negatives all positives.

I take Gnocchi (my cat) out for walks. We’ve been to coffee shops and restaurants. Along the seafront. She loves connecting with humans and seeing the outside world and she is such loving company. One of our recent coffee shop trips we bumped into a rabbit on a lead! They are obviously friends on Instagram now lol. She makes me and others so happy.

Don’t ever underestimate the therapeutic effects that our pets bring into the home and our lives. It’s deeper than you think.


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