Things you can’t live without.

I was only thinking the other day of how much I take my juicer for granted and what would I do without it.

So out of interest I googled the most common thing people can’t live without and it was the tooth brush of all things. Not water like you’d expect or a loved one or something really important.

Ok so for me of course water but without thinking too much what is the first thing that jumps into your head that you just couldn’t do without?

My juicer is my daily medicine station.

I start every morning with a whole celery bunch juiced. I always do this first thing on an empty stomach. (This all started from reading the first book written by The Medical Medium.) I like to later make a carrot, ginger, apple, orange juice, as this just feels so medicinal but there are so many amazing juices to try. A lot of my juices I add as the fluid for my smoothies instead of milk. I just add water and juice to my smoothie of the day. Not only does it make them super tasty and hydrating but also super good for you.

In your smoothie of course you can add nuts, seeds and really bulk it out with bananas, avocados, berries, greens so with the juices combined you have a real super food, a meal fit for the Gods.

There are so so many combinations and of course all so so good for you. You can even add some of the the pulp from your juicer to soups and gravies, sauces, and stews.

I rarely drink alcohol these days but I’ve been known to add my fresh juices to spirits or fizz. It’s beautiful and fresh and you don’t feel so bad as your mixer is so good for you. Fresh juice with fizzy water is so refreshing and natural ice lollies, yum.

I just could not live without my juicer it’s just part of my daily routine. A great way to get lots of goodness in your body in one hit.

Please click on the link below you may find it interesting. It’s about the benefits of celery juice and how it all started. Anthony William the Medical Medium explains simply how this wonderful simple juice can be so powerful.



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