It took me a long time to understand not only what self love is, but how important it is.

When people say “you have to put yourself first “ it’s like what!? Especially if you are a parent, you cannot get your head around it as it’s feels so selfish.

Self love comes in many ways and it starts with just small steps in the right direction, towards nurturing yourself. Loving yourself is also about setting boundaries and not tolerating disrespect.

What I discovered when I finally gave into prioritising myself, is that slowly you become a better version of yourself. You become a better parent, a better daughter, a better friend, boss, lover and so on.

When you start your self love journey and start to become this better person and start to feel better, not only does a lot of the negative internal chatter stop, which is so very damaging to you on every level (mind, body and soul) but your whole being seems to start vibrating a positive energy.

Energy attracts right!

Doing nice things, saying nice things, thinking nice thoughts takes work but keep at it. Because it shuts off a lot of the negativity and starts to attract the positives. You just seem to glow and shine inside and out.

When we put others first we can sometimes have negative thoughts or feelings. Resentment kicks in, disappointment, upset, frustration exhaustion and so on which long term is not good for us.

Now of course it’s important to say and do nice things for others but I can assure you when you practise making yourself high up on the list of who comes first these things come from a better place. 

It sounds selfish, but you have to love yourself in order to love others.

Self love can be simple. It could be allowing time for a nice long bath, a walk, a well earned siesta. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with social media, TV, magazines all displaying apparent super humans that manage to run a home, cook amazing healthy meals, go to the gym, have an amazing job, be super parents grow there own crops, spa breaks. Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet. For most it’s not real life, so don’t be sucked in.

We all have different lives and inner worlds and not one of us is the same mentally, physically, spiritually. We are all on our own journey.

Just ask yourself sometimes – do I really need to be doing this thing or shall I take this time for myself.

There are things that are not as important as your well being. Some things just don’t matter, but you do.

Not enough sleep/rest, worrying, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed all add to bad health physically and mentally.

STOP, CALM DOWN and do something for you.

Walking, dancing, eating natural foods, hydrating, meditating, star gazing, praying, sea swimming, breath work, listening to music, reading, writing, painting ….. these are all free and so amazing for you. You get the picture.

I really do believe we are what we put in ourselves. So eat well, think well, be well. We are all important, we are all special. Remember tiny steps and do not compare yourself to others, just do you.


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