CBD oil and Cacao drink recipe

One cold winter’s morning I was meeting a friend for a sea swim. The healing benefits of the sea are amazing, and I try to swim as often as the sea will let me. More on sea swimming in another post.

I always have a pot of cacao on my stove, ready and waiting for me when I get back from swimming. It’s so warming after a swim and a great way to start your day.

The cacao is very healing and is full of such goodness and just like CBD it’s a mood enhancer and amazing for your immune system. Look at From a Small Seed to check out the benefits of cacao.

The friend I was meeting this particular day had been suffering with anxiety, so it just clicked – why don’t we add my CBD oil with the cacao to make a magical drink. OMG it tasted amazing!

I headed back to the beach with a little gift for my friend – a cup of warm cacao infused with CBD oil. We sat and drank it before going into the sea and both rushed home to get warm.

Later that day my friend rang to say not only did she feel calmer internally and less anxious, but she also felt energised. That was it for me my magical drink worked a treat. I am all about relaxing down internally, it’s so important.

Since then this special drink of mine has become very popular with friends and family. I’ve served it to strapping builders, to busy business men and fitness trainers – all loving it .

The CBD oil combined with the cacao is amazing in the sense they are both vegan, plant based and highly medicinal superfoods and immune boosters.

Curativa CBD oil has natural limonene which balances fantastically with the chocolate flavour of Cacao – it’s so gorgeous.

Ingredients and method – Cacao and CBD oil drink

  • Cacao to taste ( it can be quite strong if you are not used to it ) I get my Cacao from A Small Seed
  • Organic honey to taste.
  • Tea spoon of organic coconut oil.
  • Water or milk of your choice. I like to change my milks up, but I use organic oat and hemp milk for this recipe.
  • Curativa CBD oil – any one it doesn’t matter


Warm your milk gently in a pan adding your cacao with love.

Once melted add the coconut oil and honey.

This should be a slow gentle process as the longer it sits the thicker it becomes.

Once it’s to your liking poor into your favourite cup and add 1/2 a dropper of CBD oil. I bless my cacao as I’m making it and the cacao is known to be a heart opener.


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